Terms of use

Using the facilities and services of the Bafia ScienceCamp depends on the agreement to certain conditions. The main conditions will be mentioned here:

Make your research accessible to the public!

The entire results and primary data from the research must be published in Open Access. A preprint which contains the results, derived directly from the stay at Bafia ScienceCamp has to be published via the CamPuce OA repository within the next 12 months from the end of the stay on. This publication needs to be written either in English or French.

We impose this rule to ensure the access of Cameroonians to research results generated in their country. As it's generally known for Open Access publications you will not grant any exclusive rights to CamPuce on publishing this preprint. Please see also the CamPuce OA policies !

Respect the code of conduct!

Because there is no Cameroonian or African code of conduct for research integrity, we refer here to the the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity from March 2011. The principles of this code include:

  • honesty in communication;
  • reliability in performing research;
  • objectivity;
  • impartiality and independence;
  • openness and accessibility;
  • duty of care;
  • fairness in providing references and giving credit; and
  • responsibility for the scientists and researchers of the future.

We like to add that we don't accept any research for military purposes at Bafia ScienceCamp!

CamPuce welcomes any African initiative to establish a similar code or to help to establish a global code of conduct.

Use something and let something!

Because CamPuce is a voluntary organisation without any important funding, we strongly recommend researchers or their institutions to let some useful equipment at place for future visitors!

You may define that this equipment will still be your property or the property of your institution during a reasonable period, which includes that you can also establish rules about the use of this equipment. CamPuce will respect your will, always based on a written agreement.