The ScienceCamp is on the way ...

In August 2012 CamPuce started it's new project; the setting up of a research station about 135 km outside Yaounde.

The Bafia ScienceCamp is planned to provide the basic infrastructure for researchers working in the field. It is situated in a poorly populated wet savannah at the Mbam basin with access to the Mpem-et-Njim national park.

The nearly situated Mbam river is refuge of one of the easiest accessible populations of the Chadian subspecies of hippopotamus amphibius in Cameroon.

The Camp will be open for both national and international students and researchers. One of the conditions to use the facilities is the acceptance of a code of Open Access publication which ensures the availability of primary data and research results.

A special focus is set in the promotion of young researchers from Cameroon and neighbouring countries who will have favourable conditions for work.

On the other hand the initiative aims to promote scientific knowledge among Cameroonian students. This will be done by the installation of a science museum and the organisation of campaigns.

First visitors of the Camp are expected to come in mid 2013.