Cyber-CamPuce. The one solution for many problems

CamPuce Association proudly presents an open source solution for any kind of public computer pool. Cyber-CamPuce was created to provide better working conditions to users all over the country. We think that the tool set will have revolutionary effects for many users in Cameroon.

Cyber-CamPuce is a LTSP solution based at Linux/Ubuntu and contains an augmented set of scripts specially made to manage public computer pools, such as Internet cafés, school networks, etc.

Learn more about this tool here. (Site in French)

Created to promote science ...

Doing science and humanities in Africa seems to be harder than anywhere else. Empty funds, crusted structures and dangerous animals don't like to see you advance.

CamPuce was set up to help people doing science here. The name of the association is derived from Cameroon, which is known to come from the portugese word of prawn, and "puce" which describes the flea in French. But it means also a silicon chip.

So let's accept the challenge!



The ScienceCamp is on the way ...

In August 2012 CamPuce started it's new project; the setting up of a research station about 135 km outside Yaounde.

The Bafia ScienceCamp is planned to provide the basic infrastructure for researchers working in the field. It is situated in a poorly populated wet savannah at the Mbam basin with access to the Mpem-et-Njim national park.

The nearly situated Mbam river is refuge of one of the easiest accessible populations of the Chadian subspecies of hippopotamus amphibius in Cameroon.

The Camp will be open for both national and international students and researchers. One of the conditions to use the facilities is the acceptance of a code of Open Access publication which ensures the availability of primary data and research results.

A special focus is set in the promotion of young researchers from Cameroon and neighbouring countries who will have favourable conditions for work.

On the other hand the initiative aims to promote scientific knowledge among Cameroonian students. This will be done by the installation of a science museum and the organisation of campaigns.

First visitors of the Camp are expected to come in mid 2013.


CamPuce promotes OA publishing in Africa

The Open Acces logo by PLoS ( CamPuce OA Repository is the first repository for scientific publications in francophone Africa based on the OAI-PMH protocol of the Open Access Initiative!
It was created in 2011 and offers a free publication service for scholarly documents.
Either type of Open Access publishing is possible: the green way for self-publishing as well as the golden way for referred journals.
Even if the focus targets to scholars in francophone Africa, the service is open to people without any geographical restrictions.
Documents published via the CamPuce OA Repository are referenced by most Open Access search engines like OAIster, BASE or Google Scholar.

Read more about Open Access:

The Open Acces Scholarly Information Sourcebook

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